Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Little...errr...BIG Things

Today has been a day of tidying up around our living area...
     I can find a place for all of the little toys, a basket for all of the blankets, and I have space for all the books in a bookcase, BUT it can be incredibly frustrating trying to make room for:
  • the bouncer
  • the exersaucer
  • the pink princess FOUR WHEELER
  • the strollers
  • the high chair
  • the play kitchen
  • the Bumbo
  • the baby bath
...etc., etc., I could go on and on! There are so many larger items that come with babies and toddlers that don't tuck away in a set of bright, primary-colored drawers or under the crib, and I can't hide them away in the attic or basement because we USE them. I use them almost every day! And just as I was reaching the peak of my frustration...I cried. (If you continue reading my blog, you will find I cry a lot.) My Bean is two years old, and my Nugget is already six months. I cried because it hit me (again) that they grow so fast!
     Because Nugget is planned to be our last baby, any day now I could give away our sweet baby bouncer from Tami & Beth that bounced Bean to bed so many nights and comforted sweet Nugget while I showered. Really, I already could give away the tummy time baby mats, because when I lay Nugget down to play, she almost immediately army-crawls away! In just a few months, Nugget will be walking, and she will no longer be interested in being restrained in the exersaucer that has entertained her for so long.
     So for today, I will cherish our crowded home, because it means my babies still need help. It means my babies are still babies, and I will hold onto that as long as I can.♥

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