Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Little...errr...BIG Things

Today has been a day of tidying up around our living area...
     I can find a place for all of the little toys, a basket for all of the blankets, and I have space for all the books in a bookcase, BUT it can be incredibly frustrating trying to make room for:
  • the bouncer
  • the exersaucer
  • the pink princess FOUR WHEELER
  • the strollers
  • the high chair
  • the play kitchen
  • the Bumbo
  • the baby bath
...etc., etc., I could go on and on! There are so many larger items that come with babies and toddlers that don't tuck away in a set of bright, primary-colored drawers or under the crib, and I can't hide them away in the attic or basement because we USE them. I use them almost every day! And just as I was reaching the peak of my frustration...I cried. (If you continue reading my blog, you will find I cry a lot.) My Bean is two years old, and my Nugget is already six months. I cried because it hit me (again) that they grow so fast!
     Because Nugget is planned to be our last baby, any day now I could give away our sweet baby bouncer from Tami & Beth that bounced Bean to bed so many nights and comforted sweet Nugget while I showered. Really, I already could give away the tummy time baby mats, because when I lay Nugget down to play, she almost immediately army-crawls away! In just a few months, Nugget will be walking, and she will no longer be interested in being restrained in the exersaucer that has entertained her for so long.
     So for today, I will cherish our crowded home, because it means my babies still need help. It means my babies are still babies, and I will hold onto that as long as I can.♥

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life Update!

I PROMISE someday I'll get Bean's Birth Story published for the public, and then maybe I'll get Nugget's written too..., but in the meantime I feel like I should "get back at it", because being a Momma is all of the feels in one little box, and I wish I could really share that with everyone!

     For anyone out there reading this that doesn't know me personally, here's a life update that should help out with any future posts...
     I gave birth to our second baby girl on May 8, so we are officially a family of FIVE: Scott (Dad, or the Hammer), ME, Big Bro or "Socky", Bean, and NUGGET! Big Bro is a teenager now. It seems like I was blogging about a nine year old, and now he is in his last year of middle school. Bean just turned two, which makes me feel even more silly that I haven't completed her birth story! And Nugget is now six months, which means she is closer to her first birthday than she is to her birth day, and that makes my Momma heart a little sad. 
     Big Bro is thirteen and in the eighth grade. Sometimes raising a teenage boy is incredibly difficult, especially due to the fact that I am only 25 myself (Scott is 8 years older than me), but it is also a lot of fun and, as parenting always is, rewarding. He is bright, imaginative, loving, and funny. He can also be moody, lazy, irresponsible, and a bit of a space cadet, but hey! as I said, he is a teenager! He loves his sisters, and they love him. 
     Bean is two, which means terrible twos, and yes there are so, so real. If I wrote a self-help book the title would be: Help! My Child is Wild, and I Don't Know How to Tame Her! But that's okay, because as they say, "this too shall pass". Time has moved in hyper speed since she was born, and before we know it she'll be headed off to school. Bean is smart, loving, sweet, and oh so much fun. She is a little light, and I get to call her mine! She is talking more and more, knows her ABCs, most of her numbers, animals and their noises, and so much more. She is beautiful, and her hair is gorgeous! I know it seems silly to call out her hair, but if you'd seen it, you'd know why. Maybe my next post will have pictures...
     Nugget is just barely six months. She is beautiful. She is so happy and chill; she's my chill baby. (I think God knew I wouldn't be able to handle two littles if they were both like Bean.) She's scooting about now, has two teeth, and we just started solid food! 
     I'd update you on my life too, but ^that's^ pretty much it. I am retiring from my short stint as a Scentsy Independent Consultant, but don't worry, I have a new, exciting adventure just around the river bend...

So there's that! I promise I won't wait two years to post again!

Proverbs 3:5a "Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."