Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nursing Quirks

Today, when I got out of the shower, you were crying and crying for me to feed you. We plopped down on the bed together, and you started nursing and everything was better. The traces of your desperation were still evident though by the line of snot from your nose to my boob. My sweet girl. 

You also have this funny little thing you do while eating; you like to play with and twist whatever finger I give you as if you're revving up a motorcycle. Is this a sign of you future? Do I have the next big hotshot BMXer in my arms?

You've also recently started biting me. And while it hurts so much at first, when you stop, the pain quickly goes away. However, every time you do bite me, I give you a little flick on the cheek and sternly say, "no biting". Your reaction is priceless! You would think it was me who had bitten you. You pop up with this sad little lip quiver and whimper, and sometimes it turns into a full on tear-fest. But when I remind you what you're on my lap for, you soon get back to business and put the tears away for later. 

I love you, my little Bean, and every little thing you do. <3

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