Friday, 31 May 2013

From the Top!

This particular journey begins in February 2010...
       I had met Scott at church the previous year, and we had become closer and closer friends primarily through worship and then our youth group. He was so much fun to be around that I finally just couldn't get enough! After a week of just praying about our lives and what we wanted out of them, we decided on February 22, 2010 that we could (and should!) date. We had to take a lot of precautions with each other because we had both recently left what seemed like serious relationships, he had a son, and to some, our age difference (8 1/2 years, and I wasn't quite 20 yet) was a big deal. But once we decided it was time, we quickly fell in love. That September he proposed, and the following March we were married!
      Now it seems like as soon as anybody gets married, everyone starts asking about babies. Normally newlyweds would just roll their eyes at the prying questions, but not me! I knew long before Scott that God called me to be a mother, so it was something we had talked about extensively before we even started dating. I knew Scott couldn't be the "one" for me if he wasn't wanting any more kids. We knew we would have kids, so the next question was when. I was an eager beaver, but I knew I wanted time with my husband as a newlywed, so we decided we would have one year together without planning for babies. After that year, I was ready, but there was a minor hold up- we were going to Austria in August! We were both looking forward to this trip, and I was so excited to see my sister, Vera, again, so I didn't want to chance being pregnant during or before this trip, so we had more waiting to do... but our out-of-country trip seemed to be the only thing in the way, so after Austria, we decided it was time. 
      Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the easiest decision. There's a lot of stress in baby planning, but ultimately I knew that God wouldn't bless us with a baby until we were ready. At least not until God knew we were ready. And I guess that time is now! February 1st, we took our very first pregnancy test, and voila! We are having a baby! At that time I was 6wks and 1 day pregnant, and that is how our story begins...

Proverbs 3:5a "Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."

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